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This is a wonderful time of year as summer gives way to fall and we experience the refreshing cooler weather and beautiful array of colors with leaves changing.  The beauty reveals to us in an amazing way that God is our creator and the giver of all things.  We only have to look around us to see God’s handiwork and marvelous blessings.  Our hearts overflow with gratitude as we humble ourselves and give thanks to our heavenly Father.  It also brings joy to our hearts for the ministry and work of our fellow Christians as we all work together to share the love of Christ and live out the Great Commission in our daily walk with our Lord.  As we come together in a cooperative manner, we can accomplish much more than we could ever achieve alone.  We see this evidenced in the work of Baptist Associations.  We come from different walks of life having a unified mission, which is to enlighten the world with the love of Christ and how He alone can and will change lives.  This month I encourage us to pray earnestly for the ministry of our Baptist Associations and the many ways they are working together to touch the lives of people. In First Thessalonians 5:17 the scriptures teaches us to “pray without ceasing”.  To me, this means to have a heart and attitude of prayer at all times.   I encourage us this month to pray in this manner for the work of our Baptist Association and all Associations as they share the wonderful gospel of Christ.

Wayne Higgins, First Baptist Church, Weaverville

Buncombe Baptist Association, Budget & Finance Team

North Carolina Baptist

Southern Baptist Convention

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