How Your Church can Join Buncombe Baptist Association

Buncombe Baptist Association regularly welcomes new churches into its membership. If you would like to know more about the benefits of membership in the BBA family, our missionary or members of our Membership Team can answer your questions. Give us a call and we will be glad to meet with you. 

The Benefits of Membership in Buncombe Baptist Association

Connection with a fellowship of over 100 churches in the Buncombe County area

  • Joint mission projects and support in Western North Carolina including Partnership Missions Scholarships
  • Church Health consulting for your church without the huge costs
  • Networking with millions of Baptists worldwide for missions, education, fellowship and ministry
  • Group insurance plans for your church property with Church Mutual resulting in significant savings for your budget
  • Group life, health and disability insurance through Guidestone and the Baptist State Convention of NC
  • Access to the best seminaries and affordable theological education available
  • Great fellowship, training, and ministry opportunities including mission trip education and planning
  • Church Planting mentoring, training and support
  • A “Kingdom Focus” for your church!

Our constitution describes the membership process in Article III, Section 2:

“Churches desiring membership in the Association shall petition through the Church Planting and Membership Team. Any church requesting membership shall attach to their petition for membership a copy of their Articles of Faith and/or Church Covenant. The Church Planting and Membership Team shall interview key church leaders and examine the church’s operating documents in light of the scriptures and then make a recommendation to the Association regarding the church’s request for admission. The Association is an autonomous body, and shall determine its own membership by vote in its general sessions. If the requesting church is recommended by the Church Planting and Membership Team and accepted by the Association, the congregation shall come under the watch care of the Association for one year with all the benefits of membership except the right to vote in sessions or to hold corporate office. At the end of one year, upon further recommendation by the Church Planting and Membership Team, the church shall be granted full membership by affirmative vote of the Association. The Association may receive churches or reject churches in accordance with it Constitution and Bylaws. Churches may also voluntarily withdraw from the Association.”

Membership materials are available upon request. Information is also available about the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention. “Meet Southern Baptists” is a full-color, informational handout available to member churches free of charge. Call 252-1864 for details.

If you would like information on membership in Buncombe Baptist Association, e-mail